Saturday, October 29, 2011


A Post about my feelings.....

Seems like Serendipity tails me in my life. As soon as some rarely heard phrase, idea or concept enters my mind, the same day shortly there after this one thing I had never heard off suddenly presents itself again.

I was born in the right time my friends. The Technology and gadgetry is not poorly timed for me but perfect. Over the years, the engaged pursuit of my passions has rewarded me so much that it is truly a blessing.

The things I have accomplished at once seemed like dreams under my eye lids. All my ideas and concepts started out that way. Just something I thought about and dreamt up as I pedaled across the land, and then not even a year after, gave life to it.

Like an Antenna or a satellite dish I am receptive to the messages of one and all and then I feel nothing but freedom in combining the ideas and the feedback I get with my own.

All I have done and continue to do has brought a lot of reward in my life. Jeffrey Tomassetti, emailed me one day, telling me he was planning on riding the Montana portion of the Divide with his nephew and that they were going to go out to Santos to practice.

I had wished he would of contacted me sooner cause I could have gave him a great route and when he shared pictures of his Rig, I told him they were packing way too much.

He went out that summer and took a trip and I checked on their spots and their updates.

We spoke after, Jeff and I and in the end, spoke more and more, and In the end we even toured together and In the end were just grand ole friends and Jeff is an inspiration to me.

Out of our little click that formed of people heading to the Divide, he was one of the two that made it down south and the first to cross the line. Both Rob, Cricket and I became victims of circumstance.

And I find it interesting that he came into my life and several full moons past, when I saw him again after his Grand conquering of the Great Divide Route he had a gift for me. A Gift motivated by a crossing at the Red Rock Pass.

There are only five of these paintings and I have one. I feel honored.


Thanks for being a great Friend and an inspiration!!!

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN