Thursday, July 29, 2010

TraNsFLoridA: To The CoaSt

That morning I woke up feeling SUPER Chapped.

I packed up camp staring at my still wet Chamois Bibs. Not interested in any part of that. I grabbed the Pro Lube I bought at Greenway and lubed up and decided to ride in my camp shorts.

After we were ready to emerge from our Stealthy camping spot I jumped on the bike did the sick little steep drop to the road and immediately realized I had made an excellent choice. I was not in pain.

Maybe Chamoisless riding with the Pro Lube combo is the ticket. I will have to test.

We went across the road to the Wal Mart, Subway has breakfast.

I have many super powers. One of them is amazing charm. I first charmed the greeter to watch the bikes, then charmed the young girl behind the subway counter to load up on extra bacon. Even Rob2 was envious of how much bacon I got. I had a BLT extra bacon spinach and tomato with guacamole. Delicious.

We drank coffee, water, conversated then I ate my three musketeers. I felt ready to finish it, "35 Miles to go" as we got on the bikes and rolled out.

My legs were a little tight, but i kept the pace steady, the effort beautiful. Had to apply my speed legs again in the sandy spot before the Pruitt Memorial. But the ride through Haltapa was beautiful. I really enjoyed it.

We hit the road, I did another quick pit stop, had some more calories, and off we went. I was in the mood to do some Tempo. In the mood to cover this new part of the route, swiftly. I stayed tucked in the Fred's and was even more comfortable cause this morning, instead of putting my two ready bottles in my pockets, I put them in my feedbags. So much better. I put the music on and laid it on top of my gloves on my Aero bars and I was ready to work.

The Rollers were exquisite and today we saw the biggest longest climbs of the route. In the Middle on there we were having to stop and stare at the GPS topo to figure a work around. The original route took us next to the rail road tracks and that would of mean miles of pain. I may take the Wild Solo American with me and see if we can do a day ride and map a more dirtier route. As is the current route is not bad. We actually rode through a partially abandoned Sub Division. It had a Road Warrior type of feel. The ashpalt was so bad that I would consider it off road.

Some Big Rollers later and then Rob takes off on a dirt road that seems to lead us to the rail road track. We made our way to the end of it, and I spotted a faint double track and followed it all the way till we hiked and bike up to the rail bed. Then I looked over and it seemed that there was a rideable ATV track parallel to the Rail and we rode that up and onto a road way and headed towards the Giant Climb on the Horizon.

Rob got a flat on his Front tire and I took a break in the shade, ate my last apple while Rob made friends with Two Shutland ponies. Apparently they really just had an affinity towards Rob without any effort on his part.

From there we rode up to the road, and it was a 12 miles road ride till we started zig zagging back roads to try to make the eastern most portion of the Cross Florida Greenway. Again, I followed a woodsy double track to a fence. We hopped it only to find out we could have rode around the fence. The side we hopped the fence onto was part of the preserve and some interesting grassy double track later along some canals we were on the paved trail.

I coordinated our pick up and we finished the ride. Pooling our bikes into the ocean, happy that we accomplished our mission.

I have to correct something from yesterdays post. By Greenway cycles we had done 97 miles. By the end of the epic plus we were at 120 or so. We finished the day with 177. So that last day was underestimated once again, as it was not a 35 mile day but a 57 mile day, whoops.

The ride, as always, was magical for me. I had a ton of fun. Was so comfortable and capable that I feel a strong sense of confidence for the TNGA. I am going into it with the desire to pull off 4 90 Plus mile days in Pisgah Like Terrain, at a similar to pace to what I did on the TNGA. I have a feeling this will be a race of attrition. I expect a high DNF rate. The people who do well will be the one's who have a lot of experience in riding all day, resting and riding again, on a bike heavy with gear.

I see Rob and I doing well and I hope we stick together, it will be good practice.

Now do I run the Freddies or not? I probably will, they are so comfy.

TransFlorida will be done again in Late November. Its a challenge. Its a 2.5 day ride when I do it again, and I invite anyone to be personally tour guided by me. It wont be easy, but it wont be impossible either.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TraNsFLoridA: BucK LaKe To SanTos Plus...

It took me a couple of tries to find my comfort in my hammock.

I actually didnt sleep quite well a couple of times in it, but during the pisgah weekend, everything went all right. I found my groove I broke it in.

If I was to read the manufacturers specs on the Hammock I probably am violating proper sleep arrangements but its working.

That Saturday morning as I finally opened my eyes I could see Rob was already up.

I wondered if he heard me snoring. Also thought of good cyborg jokes. If you dont know its a running joke that Rob is Half Human Half Machine and thus lacks emotions. LOL. I tell you folks, not true, ROB HAS EMOTIONS. But that didnt stop me from thinking of Cyborg jokes.

For example.

You know whats good about having a best friend thats a Cyborg. Since he doesnt sleep you dont got to worry about anything during the night.

Not that good of a Joke, I thought of more as we pedaled off.

I actually thought I packed up quick and after I ate my rice and my cherries, we were off.

The Singletrack rolled well, the forest road was going good, but then there were some sandy spots, and once again I used my leg speed to get me through it. I tell you, next time you ride something sandy, spin to win. Spin like your trying to scrape Kah KaH of your toes. You float right over the sand, amazing.

Since we did ride some HORZ CATEGORZ sand on the trip so far I had wondered if thats how it was to ride on loose powder and if I would use the same spinny technique. Why in God's Name am I thinking of Snow bikes with Fat Tires? I am not that crazy.

Anyhow, the foul weather of wind and rain storms never came. I was prepared. Never happened, instead it was a blessing of pure beauty.

Once we got to Forest Road 595, I took my Bandanna off the bars, soaked it in water and put up under my helmet desert fox style. I remember something Bear Grylls said and decided to try it. It seemed counter productive, but it actually acted like a shade and the wind from me riding encouraged the rag to dry and it created a cooling effect. Amazing.

We Broke out of the Forest without incident and I told Rob I wanted to stop at the church, grab some water and eat. Was already hungry. I sat and refueled, I think Rob Changed his derailleur hanger and we were off again.

Marshall Swamp was beautiful, and before we knew it, we were in Duncan Grabbing Latte's and hiding from the Sun. I was marveling at our pace.

I looked at the numbers last night. Our ride time, our actual bike moving time was only 16 hours, we really killed it and all we did was cruize and have fun.

It also said 5400 feet or so of climbing. So ya, for Florida its a challenge for sure.

Before we knew it we rolled into Greenway to find it empty. Sure there was a person working the Store, but No DanO, no Jessica and no Donnie.

The guy at the store told us they were doing and Clinic and off we went.

Donnie's face lit up when he saw us. Well, maybe its always lit up.

But we watched the clinic, I scored a free shirt, and we hit the showers and did some much needed laundry. We got dipped in our civilian attire and made our way back to the shop to lay out our gear and keep a sideways eye on the dark clouds looming from the west.

We did our best to Party and work at the same time. I ate till I hurt. Drank three beers, caught a ridiculous buzz and fell asleep on the chair. All the while making new friends and eating great food. The Folks at Greenway are doing it right. They are creating a culture out of that shop and I DIGG IT!

I wanted to hear what Rob had to say. I took a nap mainly cause I carb crashed and mainly cause i had only slept 5 hours in the last 120 miles.

But I wanted to hear what Rob said we should do. We kept our options open, but once again we were in Tune. We were going to kill the Epic tonight. No sense in waiting for the morning, we had work to do then. I figured we kill the epic, tomorrow is a short day.

My only condition was coffee. But truth be told, I just wanted Coffee. The Epic was marvelous, and it was all over before I knew it. I found myself alone, not knowing exactly what had happened, but was sure something had. Found out once we met up at the 484 spot that Donnie had lost his light. What a trooper, the Wild Solo American Is REAL!!!!

We parted ways. His energy is intense and I DIGG it. A very good guy, tons of fun, if he gets into self supported racing I think he could be dangerous.

We finished off the trail, once again I marveled at how quick we were moving. And headed to wal mart. I bought a gallon of water a pack of three musketeers, some cokes and some doritos. Ate everything but the musketeers. I used Google Maps satellite view on the phone to confirm that we could stealth camp across the street making for an easy breakfast run in the morning. I call it the "sleep by the river" technique. As I clamoured to find two trees to make my home with, It took several tries before I scored the sweet spot. Tied my hammock, took a gallon of water shower, all the while staring at the sky the clarity of the moon. It was beautiful. Took time just to sit on the earth as I strolled barefoot once again around my camp.

I laid to sleep and drifted fast. Once again feeling great and satisfied and blessed to be traveling by bike through the jungles of this land.

Part 3 tomorrow...

Take Care,

The NaKeD InDiaN

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TraNsFLoridA: The GhOsT ToWn of St FraNciS, WaGon Trail and BucK LaKe

How do I come up with these Ideas?

Was a question I heard sometime last weekend.

Rob Blames me for it all, but the idea was his really. He asked if it was possible.

Now keep in mind, any dirty route is possible. Dirty does not mean that we wont ride road, Road Riding is part of it. I try to pick some scenic road if possible, or Road with bad pavement.

And really there are only two ways across this part of the state and go dirty. You either go via Green Swamp Or you go via ONF.

So if you do the CFiTT route, you essentially end up doing part of the TransFlorida and Part of the Huracan. Same thing with the Santos Epic Plus. Its an off road super highway right through the middle of the state.

My packing scheme is keen people. And Rob's New Handlebar bag was perfect. For once I was completely content with my packing.

I decided I would pack in my food instead of buying till I got to Santos.

I made 4 sandwiches, took a bag of strawberries, a bag of Cherries, a bag of Rice and 3 apples.

I decided to go with bottles this time. I even got one of those New Camelbak water bottles. I carried two bottles in my pockets and 3 in my frame bag along with some food.

The bottles worked great, even found a better way to carry them by rides end.

We rolled into dusk. I say to Rob," Hey, its only 17 miles to the Ghost Town of St Francis, We can make that before dark right?"

As we rolled along the Naked Indian route, we eventually started to ride some terrain we had never ridden before. I had no Idea that Lake Helen had a predominately Black neighborhood. It seems to me that there were not many instances on the route that we were not doing rollers. In fact seems like the whole way, all we did was go up and down, up and down. The rollers through this part of town were lovely. The Frogs were so loud that I thought I was imagining things. The temperature was perfect and the moon was bright. Right away I was thankful to be loaded up and on the bike.

We stopped at a convenience store and I had a quick snack and refilled my two bottles, I knew that till we made buck lake there would be no potable water and there would be no food till we got clear of the National Forest.

After my snack of chocolate and strawberries we eventually made the single track that led us to the Ghost Town of St Francis.

The singletrack was Uber technical, mostly flat AND BUFF, till we made a short climb up onto an old road bed elevated above the rest of the forest floor. Long bridges, constant arm slap from the shrubs, this was nice. At one point I rode right by a HUGE snake. Had to tell Rob to Stop as I shooshed it off the trail. I had an OTB moment, injury free, but painful nonetheless. And before we knew it, we made St Francis, 34 miles Later. Whoops. I guess my estimate of40 miles to buck lake was going to be a little off.

We set out on the Paisley - St Francis wagon trail. AS is the trail will stay in the "Challenge". Why?
\Well, its historic.
Think about it, Hundreds of years ago, this was the only road connecting two towns. It just feels cool. Mind you, this bastard is 50% plus, 5 miles of questionable terrain. I made quick work of it. I will let Rob post up his opinion of it, but Im pretty sure he hates it. I actually used my leg work to get through it. I found that keeping a super high spin was keeping me moving fast through the sand. When I did Hike, I was pushing, I figure I need to get better at pushing a bike, and Sean's Hike a bike workouts, HELPED a TON, Im ready for the upcoming TNGA.

As I was waiting at the clay road that was part of the old wagon trail, a truck pulled up.

"You Ok?"
" The Road is up that way"..

I respond, " I know, but I am going that way, riding across the forest", "Thanks".

He shoves off.

For a second, I thought maybe there would be some trouble. Earlier that evening I had to tell someone to fuck off. But nah, no static. It would not have been a good day to pick a fight. I felt like I just kicked part of the wagon trails ass and I was ready for more, it would not have been pretty for him. LOL.

We finished the road, took a small break as we started the single track again. From here on out it was skinny trail all the way to camp.

The trail was so fun and I really was enjoying it.

At one point we were taking the Old road that leads to buck lake and I was thankful I had the GPX track, without it I dont think we could have followed it. At one point the Grasses and weeds were taller then us sitting on our bicycles and yet you could still see the faint road that used to exist.

57 miles later we arrive at Buck Lake. Immediately taking showers and breaking camp, drinking water and refueling. After a bit of hanging out and 3gee usage we both hit the sack. I slept like a baby. Not even the mosquito buzzing in my ear was enough to keep my slumber away.

Already 57 miles in and my face was aglow in joy. I can feel that the Training is paying off. I wanted to train so I could go out and ride the ride I wanted to ride and avoid the suffering. Except for a little bit of chapping I was feeling strong and looking forward to clearing the forest the next morning.

Part 2 tomorrow.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Great ride so far. Both of us feel good and riding strong.95 miles done. We showered and washed our clothes, hoping they dry. Looking forward to party.

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Buck lake morning
Buck lake.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WhAt's ThE DeAL

Well, The saga continues. Work has been Rough. That First Friday ended very late, lead right into an early Saturday. I rolled well, but towards the end I Cracked Hard, and the last 17 miles were rough as I could tell I was way under hydrated. I had drank that day plenty, but that Friday was still affecting me. I got up sore, hands hurting, Glutteus muscle screaming, but I still went out and jammed out a 57 mile day with Rob Roberts.

Had a chance to Show him a little something new, and some of the road alternates for the Indian as well as gave him a bit of course history.

Rough day. When I returned to work on Monday it was with the attitude of giving it another go and working hard, well, that was interesting as I ended up getting bit by a WASP and having an allergic reaction sending me to the emergency room to counteract the Hives and symptoms I was experiencing.

Tuesday was going great, but got sabotaged by the mandatory Urinalysis required by an accident during work hours. LOL, cant seem to win.

Today was not bad, but I had personal business so it was cut short.

Have not had a chance to touch the bike since Saturday which is not awful considering I was supposed to take it easy last week and I stocked up on miles. This week I have only missed one work out and I will find a way to fit it in. Miles are coming this weekend and I am excited as I have already mapped out the Trans Florida Route and we are going to send the big gap on Friday.

I really NEED this trip, REALLY need to get out there and escape for some days. Also Really need to either get some normal hours or find a new job. Adding up Friday, Monday and Tuesday I have worked already 40 hours, in 3 days.


I need to commute.

Seems redundant now that the office is closer its not that many miles, but the point of commuting is not so much the miles but to show people what you can do on the bike. Inadvertently everyones curiosity is peaked when they see you pedal in. Voluntarily, not forced. The child like wonder gleams in their eye as they start to see all that is possible when you want to do whats best for you.

Rob Roberts has started a blog, check it out, He definetely has his head in the right place.

The future seems so uncertain at the moment and emotionally I am feeling the stress, physically I am feeling the stress. Cant wait for the weekend to De Stress. Life is so tough for me. Sometimes I wonder if The Great Creator gets a Kick out of seeing me challenged.

I dont even know if the money will arrive for the TNGA. Will I find away to adjust and keep my training going for the TNGA? Does anybody want to donate me some rollers or a trainer for a couple of weeks?? Who knows... Everything has been turned upside down as you can see by my lack of regular post. As I adjust I will give my 39 fans their much needed words.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So Yesterday I took off towards Cassadega again. This time I went in the way I came out the last time I discovered the new dirty stuff around the Sand Lake Area.

Went in, followed the Technical Jeep road around got on to some single track followed my instinct and ended up by the lake. Rode more double track to the Wolf Pack Trail Connector and rode that into Old enterprise road, towards the Cassadega Hotel, where I sat and ate the fruit I brought with me. Then pedaled on home via the Naked Indian Route.

Good Little ride, felt great.

Today, I had to run errands and at the same time wanted to get in some miles. So I took off towards the bank. Got my last ten dollars, went and picked up some stuff I needed then pedaled towards Old Mill road towards some dirty roads back on to the Wolf Pack run trail. This time I decided to explore and off shoot trail. Followed it till the end, then back tracked to a turn that took me right back to the main Wolf Pack trail. Definitely more good stuff to add to the 2011 Indian ride. Guarantee the 2011 Indian will have the most singletrack its ever had. Lot's of Fun.

I rode onto DeLand, sat at the Coffee shop had a Latte and rode back into the storm that I had been riding in. It's all good, every scenario counts. Today I decided to just take the road all the way home via the old route I used to take before I discovered all the dirt alternates. I got into my Freddies and didn't get out of them till I got home. Nice Little ride. Tomorrow I hope to go out and do a long ride, if I could only get out the door early. I admit I have been nerding out on the Tour and the Mountain stages, I like the Mountain stages. I suspect they are out of the mountains so now I can carry on withe some early riding.

Friday I go back to work and start a new. I took a little break and it felt good to rest. I needed it, been so fringed lately. The legs are feeling good and although my average speed is up, I have been taking it easy.

Yesterday while riding on Ranch Road, I noticed a car that had passed me on the pavement. It was having to pick its way through the muddy dirty road. Immediately the Cannibal in me awoke and I sped up, chased it down and passed it.

Today I did the same thing with a UPS truck. It actually fought back and not even 5 seconds after it passed me I chased it down and passed it back as it was stopping for another delivery. I cant seem to find any cyclist to consume so Vehicles will have to do.

I have been finding lots of fresh dirt to add to the Indian, pretty exciting, already thinking about how I will loop it together.

Last night as well, I put together the initial TransFlorida from my house to the coast. We are going to roll late on the 23rd, depending on how Rob wants to do it, push through the forest, then camp in Eureka. Next morning, roll into Santos for hot food, then clean up at the camp ground and hit the Tour De France Party that Starts at 5pm at greenway cycles. Should be a good time. So I will be packing some extra stuff anticipating the party. The next morning we will get up and finish the route, should be a lot of fun. I will most likely bring my hammock since this will be a fun rides so no minimalist travel. I think what will determine if we cross the forest on the 23rd or not is the rain. If the forest road are wet, I think we will wait for the morning for them to dry out. If they are dry, then we wont chance it and ride through the night while the temps are cool. The route also takes the St Francis Paisley wagon trail which is a Hike a bike at times. I figured it would be good practice to push the bikes since we are hitting the TNGA in a couple of weeks.

Of course Rob and I still got to discuss all this, we may want to camp at Buck Lake and enjoy the evening, or Camp at the Old Area where St Francis used to be see if we encounter any ghost. Either way I am game.

Take care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Will come out tomorrow???

Well, The days following were rough. BUT I managed, that's Right I managed to recover my car. I wont bother telling the details of the story. As bad as my luck has been there are things I have left out to protect the guilty. BUT, I got my car back, YES there was chase involved and YES I got my Dog the Bounty Hunter on and had to make deals, the whole nine.

The Police was mad at me. Saying, why did you recover the car, you messed up the crime scene. BUT, I wanted my car back. Needless to say it sits neatly in my garage at the moment and I don't expect it to disappear anytime soon.

As for work, I am biting the bullet and going back to Technical field work, BUT, I am looking to move on and do something else. Right now, making money is important, but I am not interested in working long hours more interested in my cycling goals and taking care of my clan, so we will see maybe this is the motivation I needed to search for something else.
ON top of it all I had a stomach virus since like Thursday of Last week. I eat and get nauseous and runs the whole nine, I am feeling better now. I had to push though cause I had an important work out to do last week, two of them. I missed one of them but I did manage my hike a bike work out.
One of the things I absolutely adore about where I live is my ability to head out the front door and hit dirt fairly quickly and that's what I did. I took and and headed deep into Osteen towards PELL road. Pell Road merges with Boyscout road and becomes a DEEP SANDY mess. The sign says it all. It is impassable by car at least. My work out was 20 minute warm up, followed by a 20 minute effort, followed by a 10 minute hike a bike, to a 20 minute effort, to a 10 minute Hike a bike done.It went well I rode strong and when I was done, I was smoked. But I was left with a choice. Take the Road back or Take a dirty alternate that I have been eyeballing for about a year or more.

I took the dirty alternate. Kind of getting nervous I was running out of water, but kept the pace up, hopped a fence, kept going, and got under some huge powerlines. Now, the GPS said, go left, then look right, but when I did that, I saw nothing but dense forest. My droid said, go straight, so I backtracked, went straight, then It came to A "T". I had a choice. Either go left or go right. GPS said, if I go right I will merge with the ancient road that no longer exist on the topo maps. I went right, and exactly where the old road used to exist there was a gate. I hopped it, climbed up to an old cattle bridge over a creek which I didn't know existed and rolled on to another gate hop.

At this point, I was feeling O so awful. Very similar to how I felt the day I rode out in West Palm. Is it the heat? If I would of had food in my stomach I'm sure I would of gotten nauseous and sick. But I trudged on. Kept my head down and rode all the way home. Stopped at the convenience store and got a bunch of ice and kept it going till I limped home.
The rest of the weekend, was off and on the same thing. Eat, feel sick, rest, get over it, rinse and repeat. Sunday I finally felt better. I was actually a good little domesticated bitch on Saturday, in spite of feeling ill I mowed the entire lawn, cleaned both bathrooms, swept and mopped and vacuumed. Had a Lady Friend over, I cooked her dinner and baked her a cake, then off to an evening of live music and tomfoolery. I know, I have no concept of sitting still and doing nothing.

Finally, on Monday afternoon, after about 3o hours of not having any nausea, I decided to go for a quick spin on the Acorn Lake Dirt roads. I did the figure eight and came home to cook dinner.

Today, I am about to roll out and ride to Cassadega and back pretty much, maybe doing a modified Indian, depends on time as I want to be home by 4pm but I don't want to push the pace either, this is after all an easy rest week.

Adjusting is how I am doing. Mentally, physically and emotionally.
made my black helmet white, its hot out there and I should were my brain bucket

Hope your well.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Is It SuMMeR Or Is It JuLY?

Last year at this time, loyal blog fans remember I had a serious string of bad luck, and then I went and did all I could to lift the curse.

This year, It seems that as summer rolls around my luck drops.

Flashback to a week ago.

I was helping a Technician, and My toe barely touched the ceiling in a garage and broke a hole through it. $225 repair out of my pocket.

Then I got sick on the Saturday FUN ride, and the Ride the Divide Movie premiere pretty much got rained out.

The AC broke in my car as well.

Yesterday I go to work, and find out I have been demoted and I either have the option of finding another place to work, or becoming a field technician again. Then when I get home, I find that my car, the platypus was stolen.

I am not in a very happy place right now, so my apologies ahead of time to my loyal blog readers.

Got to sift through some emotional baggage, pick out the stuff I want to keep and figure out a way to throw away the rest.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

WhErE R TheY

My legs.

The last 3 or 4 rides I have been sore and battered.

Talk to my Koach. Told me its normal. That's how I should be feeling.

Wow, I never would of thought that, but I reckon he knows, LOL.

I have never done any kind of structured program nor ridden so many miles in a month so I guess it makes a lot of sense as I reflect.

Got to suck it up and finish up this week, and then next week I can recover.

I have been extremely disappointed as of late of my choices to relieve my Teenage like Hunger that Has stricken me lately. So yesterday when I went food shopping I made some better choices and bought stuff with the intent of preparing food to take to work. Im thinking some days it will be Almond Butter and Cinnamon covered apples. Other days, Freeze a strawberry yogurt smoothie from the night before if I ride in. Coupled with my boiled eggs and some cold cuts and cheese, I should be able to do something better to satisfy my insatianable apetite. Well at least for food.

Got a Hike a bike like workout to hammer this week, got the perfect loop for it. As well as the Samurai Roubaix is Saturday, I resolved that even if I have to go it alone I will just to see what the route is like.

Rob finished all my bags, and that will help me with transporting food to work. The bag on the Cross check is HUGE, I was able to carry, my work clothes, flat repair kit, two apples, a pump, a towel, baby wipes and a set of Crank Brothers Flat Pedals. Lots of stuff. Actually mapped out a pretty sick road tour loop that I May just end up doing as an MTB loop to practice my set up and tear down skills... We will see..

It's Tuesday folks, enjoy it.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Monday, July 05, 2010

WeT & WiLd

So, As soon as I could on Friday LiL'r NI and I packed up the car and headed towards West Palm Beach. The Destination was Tom Rassiga's house as we were going to crash there to begin the weekends activities.

The plan was to meet up With Bryan Frantz and some other riders and go do about a 50 mile ride. The AC went out in my car, so needless to say, with all the rain that we were having and having to drive with the windows open, I burned more fuel and I was simply miserable at one point or another during the trip, very frustrating.
ON the way down, Bryan called and asked if we wanted to meet for breakfast at McDonald's right before the ride. Turns out I would later regret this choice. After a frustrating search for food and one place that was way too expensive for my meager budget, we finally found a place to eat that was only 1/4 mile away from Tom's place. Didn't know it at the time. At Tom's house we watched a Tour pre show, and laughed and joked, super nice pad, super hospitable and generous family, no doubt.
That morning Rob and I got up early and rolled out, had our breakfast, and met up with the group. 7 of us rolled out on a ride, we crossed some tall grassy double track, some smooth dirt roads, some shell rock road, some bumpy grassy connectors, came across some 420 enthusiast, just a good rolling ride. At mile 11 I knew something was a miss, something was not quite right. I started immediately feeling a little ill.
Soon after nausea set in. Followed by Dry heaving at times and horrible sharp stomach cramps. My day was done. At mile 11, we rode 55 for the day. I treat almost every situation as a preparation for the challenges I will face in these long epic rides I plan on doing. If I would of been alone touring or racing bike packing self supported style I would of probably laid up and waited. But I was not alone, and I was miles from any kind of refuge. SO, I pulled out every trick I know on how to cope. Anything I could do to feel better or pep my spirit, cause spirit was the only thing that was going to get me through this ordeal. So, I opened up my shirt, full zipp down, took of my hat to get extra cooling, found water spickets at ranger stations and wet my head a couple of times, took off my gloves. If I would of have had my headphones I would of listened to music. I tried at times to stop and wait for the lone rider off the back, but at one point, I stopped to wrap my phone in a plastic bag and it took so long that I was stuck trying to catch up to him. Then at another point I stopped to fight my dry heaves and didn't catch up to the back of the ride till we all caught up with the waiting group.

At some point, I told Bryan, that I needed to take the road back. On the road I know I could muster at least 11mph plus, off road technical jeep roads would only equate to about 5mph or so. I had now reached miserable, survival pace. I figured at least I could finish the ride in one hour or less versus two hours. We got to the road, and he indicated that a couple of miles up the road was a convenience store, so I took off.

If I know I got a goal, my move will be to push myself hard to reach it. I figured there, I could maybe get a huge coca cola and maybe that would settle my stomach and make me feel better. Well, after a little bit of hammering, I looked back and no one was with me, shortly after, Bryan caught up and passed me, then Rob Roberts came up and passed me, I managed to turn it up and get on his wheel and we cruised into Club Shell together.

The stop was all too welcome. But instead of being elated to be in the shade, I was getting goose bumps because of the cold air that was blowing in a storm. The sky was dark in all directions. But after breaks and refreshments we rolled out. I had to zip my shirt up, and eventually Rob Roberts scored some foam anti static wrap off the side of the road that I was able to stuff in my shirt to insulate my chills.

I kept the pace busy, we got a good roadie peloton going. We dropped half the riders, but half of us stayed up, till I had about six miles left and the the stomach cramps came back stronger than ever, I waived them on, and kept going on my own pace, but finishing nonetheless.

What a morning. After that we went to eat, and I ate the slowest I had ever ate as my stomach was still settling. When we reached Tom's house, I know for a fact something did not go down right from McDonald's as my relief was the stinkiest I have smelled in a long time. Downright Toxic. No more McDonald's for me, LOL.

We got cleaned up and rolled out, LIL'r NI was so helpful, but we were rushing to get to the Shop in time to do the Bikepacking clinic.

Not many people were there, the weather was awful, but the show went on, and the group we had, asked a lot of questions and were simply enamoured by our bikepacking set ups and our aspirations to race the divide.

Tom and his Crew put Easy ups to protect us from the over head rain. Rob used his Rave mobile to back it up and use as a display for the projector, and we watched the movie. I don't know who liked it or who didn't, but it seemed like most of the people who commented to me truly enjoyed it.

The rain did sabotage the event a bit as I didn't get quite the turn out I had hoped for. BUT, we did our best and the positive energy was felt around, the festival atmosphere was abound, and good vibes and times where had by all that were present.

I honestly am still trying to decide if I will do another showing. At this point, I would have to have either a free place to show the movie to make any profit, or 200 people to show up to really make some money on it, I don't know if all the cycling communities combined in the area could get that kind of turn out.

Probably not gonna do another showing and just lick my wounds and go on, back to the drawing board.

Rob, is making bike bags though and I really think its a good thing, and can see him with some effort making his money to race the divide that way. ME, I will have to use what little talent I have to come up with my own way to get there.

The drive home was an exercises in endurance as I was worn and tired, but eventually I made it. LiL'r NI was so helpful and fun, and was by my side the entire time. Yesterday I slept in and actually felt lonely not having him around as he went to visit his mother for a couple of days.

I caught up on the Tour De France, took the Brooks off the Mamasita and moved it to the road bike. Why? Well, it was messing with my tuck in the Freddies. Putting some weird pressure in a spot that I dont want weird pressure in, on the cross bike I will never be so tucked, so I put on the saddle I had, and moved it over to the Cross. In order for me to get a brooks that would fit the positioning I take on that bike I would need a very racey saddle and I think those are WAY EXPENSIVE.

Plus, I am trying to lighten my bike. Trying to think of ways to do it?

Sunday eve, I watched a little TV and fell asleep to the sound of the fireworks going on all over the city.

Now starts another hard week of Race preparation and training, looking forward to the Samurai Roubaix on Saturday.

Huge, Huge Thanks to Tom Rassiga from the Bicyclery for all his support, generosity and friendship. Heck of a guy, great family. We felt so welcomed and taken care off for sure. Also Huge thanks To Bryan Frantz, Roberto, Renny and the rest of the West Palm crew for making us feel like part of the gang.

Pressing on.

Take care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Friday, July 02, 2010


"There is something to be learned from a rainstorm.
When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road.
By doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses one still gets wet.
When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you will get the same soaking. This understanding extends to all things."
Last night I was brave. I ventured wholeheartedly into the storm. When I first rolled out I could see that the rain had missed me; or so I thought. For half the ride it was as if I was tracking the storm, I saw the clues of its presence, I saw the signs that it had been there. I could even hear it off in the distance. It's Rumbling. When I got to the high ground, it was as if I was in the one pocket that had no rain, in all directions the clouds were dark and the sky was flashing.

Thankfully I was prepared and had my rain jacket. It was not long into Lake Mary that the sky opened up without mercy. Today the rain was relentless. I felt like I was in a pool. Riding through the back roads, the flooding was present. The rain had come too fast and too much. Huge puddles, that even I was doing my best to avoid.

In Sanford it got pretty chilly so I zipped up my shirt and zipped up my jacket. Was bummed that I didn't have a blinky and did my best to stay on the sidewalks more then usual and put myself on the extra sensitive setting for defensive riding. One road had become so "Technical" that I was able to out pace the cars and was never caught.

The rain never let up. When I got home, I had LIL'r NI open the garage cause I didn't want to trudge my soaking through the house. As the Garage opened slowly, I stood there hand on my hip, chest poking out, doing my HERO POSE. His Face lit up and he laughed at me and asked me what the heck was I DOING...
I did feel like a Hero, it definitely felt like a battle riding through that storm. I would of stopped and waited, but time was a factor, I had indeed promised to the LiL one that I would be home by seven; 650pm, Hero Feat achieved!

This morning I got up at 4am, heard the drops outside. I opened the door, and the rain was still there. I was not in the mood to fight this rain again.

So I didn't.

Enjoy celebrating Freedom from the British day!

Take Care,


The Naked InDiaN

Thursday, July 01, 2010

O, There you ARe.. .ItS U....AlmOsT diDnt ReKoGnize U

I read this on someone's Not to be named social networking sites status update and it really stuck with me.

Now this is not an exact quote but you get the Jist of it. Life is Lived forwards, but understood backwards.
So, often, like most Humans, I reflect. Sometimes its pleasurable, others its painful. Admittedly I have obsessed about training this month, and I still don't feel I am at optimal capacity for my training but I am doing better than I ever had. Now that today starts a new month I am looking forward to reaching an even higher level of physical prowess. I am enjoying the preparation for the race so much that I would hardly consider it training. Regardless, the month of June kicked off with a brisk 225 miles, preceded by a week of commuting and a steady month of commuting and weekend riding all added up to close to 700 miles by the months end.In those 700 miles I cramped once. A good chunk of those 700 miles were dirty. In those 700 miles I got one Saddle Sore. Dammit. I decided that I wanted to move my Brooks Saddle to the Black Beauty. Reason being that although it did not prevent any Saddle Sores on my Fixed Huracan, it did prevent sore sit bones which I experience when I ride anything longer than 120 plus miles. SO, I moved the saddle and it took way longer then I anticipated to tune the fit. And in the process of tuning the fit, an old friend returned, the Taintable stictch spot saddle sore. Dont want to get to TMI with everyone, but I like doing non descript descriptions. All Men have boys. Well from the Boys down there is a Stitch line that leads to the Largest Waste removal spot of the body, on that very stitch, Mr. Saddle Sore appeared.

I am not even wanting to get saddle sores, so I am on a serious how to avoid saddle sore plan. Nothing has worked but I am finally going to try some PRO stuff. But, since this sore returned in an exact same spot that I had from the Huracan attempt, I decided that I would try something pretty radical and I modified my brooks after the Imperial. Basically the same saddle with a LOVE CUTOUT.
I went to the crafts store, bought some string, got back to my job and made the mods. I started by first outlining the cut out spot after staring at pictures of an imperial for an hour or so. Then I cut it. Then made holes on the side, laced it, mounted it, checked the level, then laced it up tight. Sat down, and felt where my Stitch saddle sore is and discovered that it now sits right over the spot that is absent of leather now, aka the LOVE Channel.
Will it work? Don't know, but considering I only paid $30 for my Brooks Saddle I figured I had nothing to lose.

July as you all know has nothing but miles planned and My Okeechobee rematch is now been rescheduled to the 16th. So, I will drive straight from work to the lake, loop it, then drive home, I need to sleigh this Dragon.

As well, I made a mistake on the Transflorida Mapping it is going down on the 24th. So, check your list, make a note, do what you got to do, if you want to be there Holler at your boy.

Okeechobee is boring, but its more a test of mental fortitude then it is the miles. 120 miles is really not that difficult, but pedaling flat into headwind for that long IS.

ALSO, Saturday morning, 8am, RiverBend Park in Jupiter. YOU want to ride with the Indian. You want to ride with the Singletrack Samurai and ROB Roberts HURACAN WORLD CHAMPION. Come on then bring it. I looked at the Satellite pictures of where we are starting from, Hell I could map out a ride now if they don't got one, LOL.


Take care,


The NaKeD InDiaN