Sunday, April 24, 2011


You ever heard of Mike Curiak?

He's prolly one of the many bad ass Ultra endurance doods out there and he most definetely makes my short list of heroes.

Lot's of my most recent bike builds where inspired by forum and blog post from said individual.

Most recently my new ride, the yet to be named specialized bike I bought has 30 gears.

Years ago, Mike was putting together custom cranksets with 12-36 rear cassette and a 29 x 22 front ring set up. Said the low gears where great in tall mountains. He said, the less you walked the better.

And this new bike I got now totally fits that description as my lowest combo is 22 x 36, I shouldnt be walking much. Two weeks from this day I will test it in Pisgah, but a week past last Sunday I took War on a little exploration ride.

There was no planning involved just a desire to find a dirty route to this spot by the St Johns river.

We used satellite maps on our phones and off we went. A turn here, a twist there slowly making our way to the spot. The grass got taller and next thing we know we came upon a creek. To dirty to wade through with some serious effort we got across via a log. More over head tall swamp grass and another creek crossing and we came upon a fence. To our left was some sweet tight twisty singletrack. We rode the twisty trail for about a mile and it dumped us out onto a familiar forest road. Everything turned out great, but the bushwacking and the on the fly mapping lead us to a snail pace of 5 miles in almost 3 hours LOL.

Eventually we emerged on pavement, bug bitten, and a little tired.

Interesting ride, but the low gears on the bike really worked out well, sure there were times I could of walked faster than I was riding, but it was an excellent adventure regardless, the bike set up with the gears just begs for off road exploration.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Monday, April 18, 2011

TDG10 a DeCaDe Of ShReD!!!

The Tour De Gainesville is by far one of the coolest group rides/events in the state. It also features one of the best tight knit mountain bike communities in the state. It is unique and special in so many ways, that I am not surprised that its been around for 10 years.

If you are a Naked Indian Follower/Fan/Friend you know my usual Modus Operandi, I went to bed Late on Friday and got up Early Saturday to head up to Reddick I 75 exit and meet up with Rob.

Got there a little late, unfortunately, but It the first time I was taking out the bike and I had stayed up late getting it ready. I may have neglected to let everyone else know but I got a bike with donations from friends/family and fans. Pretty nice too. Not the bike I had wanted at first, but like Edith said, this bike picked me..LOL.

And in true Naked Indian fashion this was gonna be my first ride on it.

LOL, immediately, as soon as we were off the line, I wanted to be in the front group and I was easily able to be in the front group, but I noticed I was having serious fork issues. Eventually, I decided that it needed attention and I went off route to find a shop.

Found a shop we pumped it up, I left, and not even a mile later it was back where it was. Needless to say I was frustrated a brand new bike, first ride and I already having problems. BUT, I got caught up in race mode and doubled my efforts on the route, having to navigate and push till I finally started catching up to people.

And I did, I was in a group again, and on one particular downhill that had my front end clunking, I decided that I need to attempt a repair again. Rode to another shop to check for leaks as my phone support Broadus from bike works Orlando had suggested and I didn't find the leak but I did tighten the valve core. I kept going, only to have it deflate again. So, reluctantly after more singletrack I went to the lunch stop, and saw Brian at Bikes and More and he found the leak (loose top cap) and repaired it. After 4 or so hours of riding and resourcefulness and really touring the town of Gainesville I was now gonna finally be able to ride my bike and enjoy without concern or worry.

I had started the ride with barely any food and Rob gave me some to take. At lunch I decided to Calorie up and wait for Rob, Derek and David hoping to ride with them for a bit.

And we met up, and It was pretty cool, and we got going, but I found quickly enough, that My arms were so tired from riding super buff with a bottomed out fork, I Felt fatigue in them like I had been ripping curls at the gym. The lack of sleep, the low initial start of calories was taking its toll and although we rode together for a bit, I told Rob to push on without me.

But I kept going and rode some of the most beautiful terrain that I had ridden in a while. And before long I came upon the final off road loop, and decided to go backwards so I could ride towards other riders and not long after that I made the finish, happy to be done, happy I persevered, coming away with some valuable lessons that day.

I had a blast!!!

Thanks Bobo and to all of the Gainesville MTB Community and to Brian at Bikes and More, support them, very generous folks indeed...

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Monday, April 11, 2011

SuRpRisE SinGleTraCK

I made a challenge with myself to get on my bike everyday and ride for 30 days. So far so good I reckon, but I still don't feel like I am making the time I need to make to get some serious distance in.

Its Sabotage having to work for a living, but regardless, I am not going to cry, I will just do my best.

Saturday was spent entertaining LiL'r NI, Saturday Eve was spent hanging out with Edith, adventuring with a Tappas Meal and the Florida Film Festival. I always wanted to learn about Bobby Fischer and I am now an expert on the history of that entire Debacle.

Sunday was a lazy start. The hours at work are getting to me. I must have some sort of internal stress accumulating, cause after a great day spent at a Farm with food and loved ones, I found the motivation difficult to throw on my Superman outfit and go pedal for a few hours.

But, I went through the motions and decided I would go check out this new conservation area that I spotted up the road a week or more ago.

I got there rather quickly, hit the kiosk grabbed a map. A quick scan of the map showed me that I had about 16 miles of trails I could ride if I rode all the loops, so I set off. I had already started a bit late, but before long I was pleasantly surprised by how sweet the terrain was.

Out there I found an abandoned cabin, super cool, then a cold water creek crossing, how rad is that. New gates, and tons of land to pedal. Twisty sweet track all before me.

But then as I crossed a tall bridge, I got a bit lost. I went through a gate, noticed after a few minutes that I was off track and returned to find the last marker that I had missed. As I made my way back to the tent, I could see off in the distance a dog charging towards me. Whoops, I must of just been on private property, let me get on the other side of this fence so this dog cant get me, and I kept going. I found the markers again. I sat there and put new batteries in my GPS, and I could hear voices off in the distance. Felt a little bad for disturbing them, whoops.

The markers were red and it was WAY dark, more then I expected, I knew that I couldn't navigate the rest of the trail without a light. I felt like a jack ass for not bringing my light. On top of that the GPS had shut off long before I noticed and I didn't have any easy way to back track so I was stuck using google maps and following satellite visible lines to attempt to figure out my self extraction from this predicament.

I pedaled along, checked my position. Got to an intersection, took a chance and finally found some markers. Wondered around for 30 minutes before figuring out that I was not on the right track and went with the yellow markers hoping I would figure out where I was and eventually after riding the powerlines for a long while I found a road that headed towards 415 and looked kinda familiar.

Down the road I went staying in the middle as it was pitch dark.

Before Long I reached an intersection I recognized and then shortly after I was back on the access road to the park.

Once I got on the road, I tucked deep into the freddies and maintained an 18 mph avg till I reached the house.

Although I got lost, I was still feeling pretty good about the adventure.

Monday after work, I had to have my rematch. This time I took my light and was able to further figure out the lay of the land and then some, I see tons of potential for this place.

How sweet it is to add more off road riding to my already extensive local routes.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Saturday, April 09, 2011

MeThOd MaN

Its Sunday Morning and I was craving miles.

Usually I am the constant planner. Looking at maps, tracing GPS routes and loading them onto my GPS unit. A Benefit of doing all the mapping I have done in the years is that now, I don't even worry too much, I kind of just go for it.

So after discussing with the clan what the plan was for the day, I decided I would get ahead start and meet them at the Marineland destination.

I had no route, but looking over the google maps on my Droid showed tons of promise. There is lots of green space and I am thinking I can make a northern dirty route soon (note to reader, this is how it starts, I look at a Map I see something I get an idea and I put it all together) Possibly pedal all the way to Jacksonville, now wouldn't that be clever.

Anyhow. I decided miles is what I wanted and I didn't have time nor the equipment with me to make an elaborate gpx track, so I told my Droid I wanted to use walking GPS guided directions to get to Marineland.

The response required 48 miles of foot travel at a ridiculous 22 hour estimated walk time, I could make it in less that four.

Rob, when he came back from California, gifted me a portable speaker with a built in MP3 holder that I Carbine clip to my bars. Pretty nifty thing cause it allows me to enjoy my music without having to use headphones. Since My droid is a capable droid, I can listen to my music and he will interrupt to give me GPS guidance.

I set out so happy to be on the bike. The air and the sky where perfectly clear. It was a slice of heaven by the minute. Not even 2 miles down the road, my rear tire deflates rapidly.

I inspect. Flip the bike. Remove the wheel. Take out the tube. Do what I think is a thorough visual and a thorough glove rub inside the tire to try and solve the flat issue. I find nothing, put in the new tube. Inflate the tire, flip the bike, get on and go. I flat again not even 1/4 mile later and I have no more tubes left.

Wow, I'm gonna have to call Edith to come get me two miles from her house??? Nah, I remember I bought a blue tool instant patch kit. They are stickers like the specialized ones and they got lousy reviews on the Internet. I found the hole, followed the instructions, and applied the pre glued patch. I TOOK THE TIRE of the rim and reinspected and found a HUGE piece of Glass. Why didn't I see this the first time??? Cause I didn't take the tire of the rim. Lesson Learned, going forward, when I flat with a tube, take the tire off the rim and inspect.

I removed the glass and I hauled ass.

And the patch worked. In fact, its still in there and working. Gonna buy more, I got like twenty tubes to patch, LMAO!!!

As I rolled along the on the Droids route that was laced with goats and horses, sky lines and small hills, the pavement gave way to dirt. A smile stretched across my face as I crested a small hill and find a big blue lake to my left. This route was NICE! LOL What I work so hard to do, my droid does with precision in seconds.

After a mile or two I was back on Pavement. I settled into the Freddie's and summoned up some sweet Tempo. The music was playing, the weather was perfect and I was ticking away the miles in a very efficient fashion.

Next thing I know, I find a store. My GPS said Cody's Corner. I had been to this store once before Long ago, but I came from a completely different direction. I was craving a coke and some sugary snacks, but the store only took Cash and the door was locked anyhow. LMAO.

I refilled my bottles and saw that in 8 miles I was supposed to reach US1 which would definitely have supplies. No time to sweat the snacks, 8 miles was nothing and it was time to fly.

I reached the US1 store, got 2 bags of gummies, 2 cherry cokes and continued on down the road.

I guess this is my strategy for The Tour, the Race. Its not about actual super fast speed for me, cause I know full well I will not be hitting the start line with my dream level of fitness. The key for me to kicking the Tour Divide in the ass is in the words of the Routes name. I am going to Tour the Divide. Speed Tour. 150 miles a day, Its going to take a couple of days to get used too, but I cant imagine that I couldn't get used to it as long as I stay patient and realistic.
So in preparation, every little episode while on the bike is a chance for me to refine the evolution of my Ultra Riding experience.

As I made my way down the road, the droid told me to turn Right, but I didn't see a road to turn into. I back track after he Demanded a U Turn and found an old overgrown double track road. SWEET!!!

I end up in a Sub Division and a couple of miles more and I am only 7 miles away from my destination. The Droid alerted me that there was an upcoming Toll road and I didn't have cash. I stopped at the bank, and kept riding. I got closer to the bridge and spotted an assortment of blue and red lights. Apparently there had been an accident and they re routed traffic by passing the toll altogether.

I climbed the bridge, up and over, then connected to a sweet bike path, passing riders all the while finally arriving at the beach to Rum Runners a cool breeze and great company.

AWwwww, Success!!!


The NaKed InDiaN