Monday, June 13, 2011

ThE RuN of THe CoYoTe

Round these parts out here in the wild wild west, they have these fellows that run in the night called coyotes.

These fellas are not related to Harriett Tubman, nor is this an Underground Railroad. From what I hear, they are pretty awful people, but personally I have never met a Coyote.

BUT, I am the Naked Indian, the Singletrack Samurai, to me a Coyote means something else all together.

To me there is a lot of spiritual power in the medicine of the Coyote. To me it symbolizes the spiritual energy of the first leg of my journey.

And my Journey did not start with an ill fated bus ride. IN fact, if my journey begins at 1, then the bus ride is negative 10 all leading up to these unfortunate turn of events.

Monday, after calling greyhound to check on my tracer they said, its best I fill out a claim as they know nothing. I called the Local Office, just grasping at straws, and found out that my bike had showed. Minus the front wheel.

I updated the world, calls, texts, status updates and then took off like a bullet for the bike shop. At the bike shop they put me in Contact with Jeff Reese who not only loaned me a wheel to use, but also re Stans it and gave me a ride to the Corre Camino Bus service that gave me a lift back to Lordsburg for $2.50.

In Lordsburg I recovered my bike, began putting it together, only to discover that I was missing a pedal. It must have fallen out of the box. So crisis not adverted. Its awesome to be a part of such a supportive cycling community.

That morning I had received an email Greg Houston, owner, operator and creative mastermind behind , who offered me an entire bikepacking kit, bags, everything to get going. This is the kind of community I am a part of, a complete stranger, who came of knowing of my existence through this Blog, wanted to help. Amazing.

After trying to contact the person who Jeff had set up for me to stay in Lordsburg, I was unsuccessful and needed a physical address as matters where time sensitive so I broke down and got another Hotel Room at the Comfort Inn.

As it stands, Edith sent me the cargo net I was missing. Chris Plesko sent me the pedals I needed. I called Lloyd, local Antelope Wells Shuttle runner, and he will be taking me to the start today, around 5pm, with an 8pm expected start time.

Like the Coyote, I will ride into the night. Eluding the Sun, finding the cool weather, and riding all night long, right into Silver City, where I will camp, restock, then Roll again towards Pie Town, chipping away at New Mexico, until finally its behind me. O, when will be that be, Hopefully before the end of the weekend.

I will post when I can, and update you from the trail as much as possible. If your not my friend on facebook, just look for me,

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday's eve was rough at first.

I arrived at Silver city, not really knowing anyone, not really feeling comfortable. Stranded with the most bare minimum of supplies wears heavy on the mind. Combine that with the potential lost of the things you really worked hard to put together to conquer your dream and the mind starts to crumble under the weight.

I had a very weak moment. Thinking, What's the message in this most recent turn of events.
I lost all yes. But I didn't lose my GPS, nor my maps, nor my charger a half of my cell batteries. I still have my helmet and my cycling shoes along with my cycling clothes. So whats the message, again is what I am left thinking.

Obsessing about all the things I should have done different is no help at all either.

But yesterday EVE, my morale was spiraling and all I could think of was what the easiest way home would be, time to pack it up, FATE has spoken.

Andrew, who lives at the Bike Hostel and Jared, started hanging out with me and we spoke and we laughed and joked, and I started feeling better. Crisis adverted.

That eve, Andrew invited me to go to Pinos Altos to the oldest Saloon in the world. We went, had drinks, hung out then headed back.

The bed they gave me sits on the second floor where the Art Studio is located, and then perched nearly 12 feet off the ground sits the bed way up high, 3 stories from the level ground.

I slept like a rock in my high nested perch.

Got up today, got dressed and headed out on a bike That Andrew lent me, and rode down to have my first real cup of coffee. Rode around some more, stopped in at Hila Hike a bike, and then checked out a park and now I am sitting at the coffee house listening to Older Mature Hippies beating drums and playing guitars.

Not bad I guess.

You know what they say, when you get Lemons, Make Lemonade.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Saturday, June 11, 2011

WheRe Do We Go FrOm HeRe...

I am supposed to be doing some hardcore pedaling right now. Instead I am in the business center of the Comfort Inn with no bike and no bikepacking kit.

For those that don't know, somehow my Greyhound experience has turned into a nightmarish ordeal when I arrived in Lordsburg New Mexico and my bike that was boxed along with my bikepacking essentials and my front wheel did not.

I honestly didn't even think that in the entire realm of possibility that this was possible. Thus I didn't have a contingency plan nor did I engage in 'hawk eye' observance of my luggage handling. I believe I took it for granted that this company could deliver me and my property safely to another location.

I indeed was wrong.

In retrospect it was a poor choice I guess to have chosen them and expected them to do what they are paid to do.

At this point, I pretty much am done crying about it ( I cried, not gonna lie) and I am in the process of initiating plan b.

I do have a back up kit, albeit not as refined and not as perfected as my original it should do well enough. I will have to ride a little harder and move a little faster to stay in front of any dangerous weather. Basically whereas in my previous kit I could handle serious rain and weather down into the 20's, with this kit, its more like down into the 40's. I guess maybe I can supplement that with good ole fashion news paper and plastic bags which I am not opposed to doing.

Greyhound will have to pay for this big time. There is no way that I am going to let their little policies and procedures dictate how I will be repaid if my bike and my essentials never appear.

I don't care what they say on the phone, I will get an attorney if I have too. It took me years of day dreaming, years of practice and years of experiences to culminate to this point in my life. Only to have my dream significantly handicapped by this company. It is a disgrace that they cannot do their job well enough with such a large Item, that I am inconvenienced in such a devastating fashion and nothing has been done on their part to assist a person that only has the clothes on his back and is for all purposes Stranded. They will pay, no matter how long it takes, war will be confirmed to be declared if my items never show and the this harsh mishap on their part will not go unpunished or unpaid.

So I am waiting for a Nice Gentleman that Matt Lee referred to me to take me to Silver City.

Once in Silver City I will make a couple of more calls to salvage my Plan A and if that does not manifest then I will fire off plan b and have a back up kit, a bag and a bike that is kinda broken, shipped to me so that I can finally and hopefully start pedaling towards Canada either Friday or Saturday.

Will I get to do the entire route all depends on the fact, that after I am done with Daddy Play time I have a family to support and bills to pay. My measly vacation pay was minimum wage for two weeks and the budget is tight and now it has grown even tighter.

Once In Silver City I will stay in a Hostel that Matt referred me too and slowly compile a back up kit, and slowly take off on the adventure of my life with the plan to ride as far as I can OR, if I decide to just suffer for a couple of weeks without money, finish this beast.

I Never would of thought this would have been possible. The transportation of me was fine, I trust Greyhound to transport a person, but never trust them with something you really need that you cant physically handle the entire time yourself. Lesson Learned, but they will still have to pay.

Ok, well I figured y'all wanted an update,

Not a happy post, but the show must go on, I am all dressed up and I need to do something with all the sacrifices and planning I made.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Monday, June 06, 2011



Everyone should have one.

We round here have one we call PiMBar.

Its a bike race, adventure race, fun race.

Its a hell of a day on the bike, fun in so many ways.

For several Years, Mucaro MTB dot blog spot dot com and I have wanted to have what we would both call a good showing and for years it has alluded us.

First cause I was not well, then him, then me, then this year, not even a day before my PiMbar departure, I was feeling ill.

The whole way up to the race, I was a mess.

"Again" I thought.

"another year".

I hung in there though.

I just had to deal with what I had to deal with, in fact I was more concerned with my kit for the day.

I went with no backpack, putting all my emergency gear in a rear Carousel Seat bag.

I decided on Two bottles in the Feedbags and two bottles in the frame, no frame bag.

The bike was light and at 27lbs I thought I had done a great job with my kit for the days race.

When Rob and I got to Pisgah Forest Late that evening, I was feeling a little better, but was caught off guard by how cold it was.

So cold in fact that I decided not to put up my hammock and just car camp so I could get the most rest possible.

The best way to treat or prevent a cold is with adequate and replenishing rest.

The next morning I woke up, took some Day quil, ate my food and got ready to go out and have a spectacular day in the forest.

The TNGA was the last time I did any real climbing, admittedly I was nervous.

I had done the TNGA with only 18 gears and I had the opportunity on this day to finally test the BEAST in the mountains and try 30 gears on the climbs.

The morning went smooth. The registration fast. Was nice to see all the people I had not seen in a year. I really like them folks, gives the event an 'home away from home' vibe.

Eric and Erinna are an inspiration in what they have done for the Mountain Biking community and I fully admit, I was motivated by his skills and effort into doing what I do down here with Singletrack Samurai Productions.

Before long maps were handed off and even faster the start gun went off and we were told to read the passport before leaving the parking lot.

We did, and it paid off, big time.

Luis is a smart guy and tons of fun to be partners with. Usually I let him pick the route. And I am cool with whatever he comes up with. This year I recommended we hear what the other guys wanna do and shadow them. Less thinking for us, more fun to just ride, we went with it and it worked out well.

All was going smooth, in a matter of moments we were at checkpoint one. My climbing was going well, and I was pretty happy with it. As the day went on, I realized that it didn't take long to remind my legs of them 368 miles I did across Northern Georgia in the mountains.

When we were almost at Checkpoint 3 we came across some familiar faces, Rob Roberts and Mike Kanning, PiMbar aliases, BLACK OPS.

Rob had a furrowed brow with a look of concern, but was happy to see us as well, whereas Mike Looked frustrated. It wasn't long before they revealed to us that they had not read the passport and had not turned in the required Wooden Nickel before leaving the lot instantly getting a 2 hour penalty. Their race, was in essence a done deal, unless they pulled something BIG off.

We completed the checkpoint and continued onto 3 when I noticed that my head set would not stop klunking.

I stopped to make a repair and noticed that my star fangled nut had folded sideways inside. Luckily with help from Mucaro Mtb dot blog spot dot com and Rob from zero Horsepower, we were able to make a repair and it was literally good as new. I had my tour divide repair kit with me and luckily I did, cause the pliers on my squirt leatherman turned out to be the key item to a successful non bike damaging repair.

Black Ops decided to join the party wagon as it rolled across the beautiful landscape of pisgah forest. For once I actually took the time to site see as I whittled away the miles. For once I actually enjoyed the repeated cool creek crossings, and the conversation and the laughter. I was having a blast.

We popped out on the road, finishing our team trek as Black Ops took off for a potable water refuel and a compost porta potty assisted nature break. We finished off our break and rolled on. It was nice to be on a gravel road and my reawakened TNGA legs were just chomping up the terrain in such a pleasant fashion, that I was once again, caught up in the beauty of my surroundings and sounds of the bike as it crunched away gravel undertire.

As we emerged from a climb there was a respite on the hill, grilled cheese sandwiches and cokes, but by the time I arrived, there was no coke for me, and miffed I insisted we push on.

A screaming fun, team downhill later and Black Ops continued to their business and we split off with Rob and Rich up and up to the next checkpoint.

Again my pace was relentless and persistent and it was sheer pleasure. You have them days where everything just comes together, and I was having one of them days. Sure I wasn't on any kind of level that would of won us the race, but there were small victories going on with me, moment by moment.

Back up we went after another nice downhill... I cant remember what the name of the road is. But I knew it was not a long climb and my rhythm was right. I got my 22 ring up front and started putting in a perfectly balanced tempo. Not too hard, not too soft. Legs moving just right, not spinning, not mashing and started picking up speed.

I Pass Team Rob and Rich. Pass by Mucaro MTB dot blogspot dot com and spend the rest of the climb, with my team mate close behind passing riders all the way up. I have to say, the moment was exquisite for me.

This time when I got to the Grilled cheese spot, I was so hungry that I ate a ton of potato chips and drank lots of water.

We took off to conquer the 7 mile trek up the mountain to pilot rock.

Again, I was really enjoying the climb, gradual enough that I found the perfect tempo in my 22 ring and just flew up there till we got to the point that we had to do an ' all in your face' hike a bike the final 1000 feet.

When we got to the top we scored our fourth checkpoint, and contemplated briefly with the thought of waiting for team Rob and Rich. But I was against it, I know how much effort it took for us to get up there an Rob had been slowing down all day. I wanted to be done before dark, so onward we pushed.

The descent down the treacherous pilot rock took a long time as I carefully picked my way through the technical boulder rock strewn mountainside. Sharp tight, heavily penalizing switchbacks and super long 500 foot rock gardens. How quaint.

I made it to the bottom and without a break I was in the big ring attacking the course. It was time to chase who we could chase an beat who we could beat.

AND the attack was merciless.......

Till I ran out of food and water,........

And then it was a painful slog up pressley gap. Then a slog to the top of black mountain for the final descent. I was so starved all the sudden I was having to take the downhill slow cause I was having trouble focusing my eyes on the terrain.

And then, either my system found a good pocket of body fat to burn or that last bit of peanut m and m's I ate before descending clawhammer took hold, cause I started feeling myself again and was able to really attack the downhill.'

Down to the finish we were chasing team downs, completing our final passes 'Radical Rick style' on the fastest sections of lower black mountain determined to get as many spots forward as we could before the races end.

We crossed the finish line, completing our mission and finishing happy and strong and ready to eat.

That night the celebration was short.

There was more internal celebration going on as I dozed off while watching Ride the Divide on my droid, feeling like a champion for conquering the PiMbar to my level of satisfaction.

Thanks Luis for being such a heck of a team mate and competitor.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN