Sunday, February 27, 2011

TouR DiViDe TraInInG CaMp Week Two Feb13th - 20th 64 miles

Week one was a huge miles dump on the legs. And I knew that on the 18th I was going to finally do a complete coast to coast 200 mile weekend, so I chose to take it easy during this week and only did two rides.

The rides were not hard, in fact, every ride was simply gorgeous.

I spent that first 32 miles or so home pondering the beauty of a route.

A beautiful route is sometimes hard.
It sometimes climbs.
It sometimes descends.
It sometimes is easy.
It has fantastic views.
And terribly boring sections.
A good route gives you a chance to notice something new and different every time you venture on it.
A good route is like a fine wine, a good poem, a great movie or a good book.
A good route is chock ful of personality and an ever present opportunity to have an adventure everytime you venture upon it.

Took me three hours to get home, I still felt slow, but it was a great day to be on the bike regardless.

That evening I had picked up some stuff Rob had dropped at the job. In one of the bike bags I found a pair of Knicker Pearl Izumi bibs. That next morning, since I knew there would be a chill in the air, I decided to wear the bibs. And its amazing what I learned that day.

The morning was not cold enough that I even needed gloves. But cold enough that I put on my wool base layers and arm warmers. But not so cold that I could keep my jersey zipped, so I rode with it wide open so it would flap in the wind like a cape.

I was amazed at how thick the Fog was. I could barely see 100 feet in front of me and I was on a bicycle. But I was impressed, that since my knees were warm, the blood was circulating better and I was riding faster. In fact I beat my best time for the 32 miles that I have ever had and made it to work in 2 hours and 10 minutes, nearly 50 minutes faster than the evening before. I love how after all this riding and training and prepping I still learn new things.

Beautiful pair of rides. What can I say, bike riding is often magical.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TouR DiViDe TraInInG CaMp Week One Feb7th-11th 164 Miles 15 hours~

I must of picked the worst week in the world to start preparing for my TD.

Not only did I pick the worst week, but after owning my rain gear for one year and only using it one time, I had to pull it out and put it all on as the weather was in the low 40's and the rain was coming down in buckets.

Awesome I thought.

Perfect I thought.

If it aint raining it aint training.

5 minutes into the ride, the front brake quit working, awesome.

I felt cold as I pedaled along the route. Google maps had picked it out, and I follow it.

Darkness creeped in.
And it got colder.
But I kept pedaling.
The rain gear was working, but the time was getting late.
As I got closer to home with only 5 miles or less left, I could feel the squish in my front tire. I stopped and had to change a flat in the cold rain and wind.

I fixed the flat, stopped in at Wal mart and bought the food needed to make dinner and pedaled it home.

All my commuting is being done on my Mountain bike btw. This is real training.

I felt weak, and slow, but thats how it was meant to go.

The next morning I got up early and rode into work, after doing all I could to dry my clothes. Another cold morning. My time splits were way off and again I was misreably slow.

I was not happy with the time I was making at all, and 20 miles into the ride I couldnt even feel my toes.

I got to work at 750 am, very late, and rushing to grab my stuff and start my 12 hour shift.

That night I didnt ride to work, I got out so late, that a 3 hour ride would of meant me being home at midnight and as always when I get home I got to prep dinner for my son.

The next day, I drove in, worked and got out early. Early enough to ride in the sun. I was pretty happy about this and even though my legs were sore, I kept pedaling and actually felt good and before I knew it I was zipping along, taking as much sidewalk as I could. To me riding sidewalks may not be safe, but it simulates off road riding more then perfectly smooth roads.

On the bike path I was consuming riders and walkers and joggers and then along comes a slightly overweight 50 something that passes me on her trek road bike. I chased her down, caught her and passed her and tried to put her away.

She came back on the uphill and caught me again.

Ok I thought. Damn I though.

This time I sat on her wheel for a bit, and then really put in an attack, and passed her again. And then after a couple of minutes she caught me again right before an intersection, she stopped for a car I kept going. Being honorable I did not feel this was a fair pass, and I let her regain her spot and she did. I stayed about 5 bikes back, catching my breath and decided that I needed to put this Older, out of shape, but fit rider away. I put in the biggest attack yet and when I passed her, she cheered me on, as if mocking me. I really put my head down, really dug into the freddies, and then when I least expected it, she passed me and finished me off. Insult to injury I got smoked by a fat fit person. My ego was crushed and I was humbled.

I spent the rest of the ride telling myself that she was on a road bike, and that I still rode 20 more miles after getting my butt kicked and even settled that on the excuse that God took flesh form to humble me that afternoon, but the truth was, I got my butt kicked on my bike path by an older, chubby lady on a road bike...

The next morning I rode in as planned, took that evening off and then rode in the next day ending the week strong, but tired and feeling sore. I had no intentions of pedaling that weekend.

Its difficult to not criticize yourself when your just starting your training, but I had not been satisfied at all with my splits, and the earliest I made it to work, even after battling flats again, on one of the mornings was 746am. I had to either pick up the pace, or get up even earlier then 430am. None of which seemed realistic at the time to me, LOL.

O well, week one is in the books so to speak....2 flats, Front brake out.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Often as another busy week passes, the craving consumes me for pedal therapy.

I not only compete in Long distance events, I love riding long distances. AND, its not so much about the mileage, not about bragging. Its just fun to travel and experience the adventure that can come.

I departed from De Leon after a hardy breakfast in the middle of the day. Arguably a little late, but more often then not you will catch me saying, "its my day off, I want to ignore the clock".

Plus, in my deep seeded preparations for the divide I often just want to do out of the ordinary riding. I want to not follow the traditional training schedule rules. THE rule in my mind for preparing to conquer the divide, is to ride whenever, wherever.

I could not have asked for better weather. I knew that although the day was warm, once the sun would set, I would have to deal with some chilly weather.

I had spent the day before, pondering if I was going to use my single speed or beef up the 'not yet to be named cross check' for Cyclocross duties. In the great tradition of procrastination I decided at the last minute to grab the cross bike and use that.

I packed enough stuff to brave the expected evening temps, I left under warm sun and clear skies. The plan was to gain revenge for the 3 forest tour that Kai, Edward and I had attempted, which later turned out to be more than they could handle.

I started off by crossing The Lake George Forest. The forest roads where in great shape and I decided to check out the park at the end of St Johns River Road. It was such a beautiful spot, I momentarily daydreamed of bringing the boys out here on a quick over night trip.

After spending a good 30 minutes or more at the park just listening to the sounds of the river and feeling the sun on my skin, I made my way up the road and started seeing what I noticed to be Tire tracks. I remember at the time finding this to be an extremely odd thing, I was pretty far out there. And sure enough as I came around a bend, I spotted a lady, biking on a beach cruiser, walking her dog at the same time.

I tried to make noise to alert her, but she was non responsive and almost crashed once I made my pass. I hate to admit that it was a little funny to startle her, but I seriously made some heart felt attempts to communicate my passing intent.

I made it to SR 40 and ventured down to the boat docks that sit next to the bridge over the St. Johns River. I went down there to take photos, I was in a shutter bug mood and I wanted to share the sights I was going to see that day. All too often I get caught up in making bike pedal that I refuse to stop and take pictures.

As I was taking photos there were some men and a woman drinking beers about 150 feet away. One man wearing a trucker hat, sporting a beard, red faced and drunk was calling to me.

It was right at this moment that I had one of the most awkward experiences I have ever had in my life.

He proceeded to tell me he liked my britches and how he wanted to get him some of that.

I thank the great creator he was a good distance away, cause as uncomfortable of a moment as that was, if he would have been close to me and saying such things it might have turned into an altercation.

My Intuition told me to leave fast and say little and I did just that.

On the road I had visions of being chased down by this "country boy" and being ran off the road. So I kept my pace high. Off the road the bike was hard to pedal, its currently geared for paved riding only, but on the road, even with the wider Cyclocross tires, I can still put down some serious tempo.

So for the next 20 miles, that's what I did... Serious Tempo to separate myself from them "good Ole Country boys".

I made it to the Paisley Mountain bike trail.

I pedaled up and down the skinny trail, and decided to fulfill my prearranged agreement to stop for lunch at the 35 mile mark.

I found a log on the trail in the middle of now where and had a chance to take another "ME" moment.

Just then I heard the shifting of some gears and twisted my head to see Mountain Bikers using the trail. Goodness, even though this is a mountain bike trail, you don't see many people riding out here. I chuckled a bit as they passed. One guy stared at my bike, half surprised to see someone else out there riding as well, and half surprised to see a guy on a road bike in the middle of the trail.

I finished my Lunch (an apple) and decided I wanted more food. I figured I could easily make the Paisley Mart and get the supplies I needed to complete the estimated 50 or so miles I had left.

I was on a time table as I had plans.

So when I got the quick mart, I grabbed supplies quickly:

1 bag of honey BBQ lays
1 bag of coconut m and m's
1 Reese's peanut butter cup
1 Starbucks Coffee plus Energy drink.

I stuffed my pockets and hauled ass.

I opened my shirt to create a kangaroo pouch effect and stuffed my chips in there and I literally had my lunch as I pedaled. Once again I saw this as an excellent training opportunity to practice eating and riding.

Once I finished all my food, I saw a garbage can on the side of Maggie Jones Road and I disposed of my waste.

Around the bend I came and saw a person walking in the middle of the road. The closer I got, I noticed it was a hiker, complete with a back pack. When I was within talking distance he asked me to stop.

He started chatting with me, asking me if there were supplies and a hotel in paisley. I explained what they had and asked him how much longer was he walking... He said "about 3 more weeks", I started in "key west".


I then asked him if he had water and he said he had not had any for about the last 10 miles.

I had just refilled at paisley and on a bike I move alot faster than he does, so he asked for a gulp and I told him I would fill his bottles.

While I was filling his bottles, he asked me questions about my set up, how long was I going, he took my picture, and then before we parted I asked him his name.

He said, "my trail name is Wandering Heart, but my real name is Bernard."

I responded, "my real name is Karlos, my trail name is the Naked Indian."

Off I went to finish my ride, and off he went to finish his wandering.

I cleared Seminole forest, with no troubles, changed my socks, and applied layers and lights and finished my ride. No more strange Occurrences, a total of 75 miles.

That night while having dinner with my friend, I recounted the tails and reminded myself why I Love traveling by bike, its a never ending opportunity to learn more about this wonderful planet the great creator has blessed us to exist upon.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The GeOrGe FoReMaN GriLL OuT

LiL NI, the 17yr old turned said age and we of course had to celebrate.

Celebrating on a budget is always interesting and with the hectic life I lead, (working and training full time, being a full time dad, being a race organizer, preparing for the tour, blah, blah blah) I didn't want to go through the hassle of firing up an actual grill.

SO, in my best "Monster Truck voice" I called this party the George Foreman Grill out.

This was my first Grill out, so I was new and unprepared, so when I hit the store, I just bought like 48 of everything, LMAO.

Soon enough his merry band of friends started arriving and I started grilling.

I also started sipping on Sum Rum. Ya, LIL NI didn't know, neither did LIL'r NI, but I did.

By the time everyone had finished eating, I was full on intoxicated...

IT was at this moment that my son, the birthday boy, asked me if I wanted to skate.

Of course I said yes and before I knew it, I was outside, nose manual and ripping all over the street.

Then the Box was pulled out and I was popping on and off of it like it was yesterday the last time I skated when it had actually been some time in the summer of 2010.

The shred continued and as the session started to mellow out, my son asked me to play skate.

Skate is like Horse in basketball. One person does a trick, the other person has to do the same trick or get a Letter. The first person to get the entire word of Skate on to their name is the loser.

Luke was up first and I made quick work of him. He only managed to give me an S.

LIL NI wanted to play me next and at first I refused. But he insisted.

And after a tense game, I got two letters an S and a K, I decided to start stacking boards up on their side to see how tall we could pop our ollies.

I took out Kain at the 3 board mark, but I was hardly done. All we had were five boards counting the one I was riding, but at 3 normal 8 inch boards and one 11 inch wide long board, stacked on their sides, I finished off the session with a Huge pop clearing all of them.

It was truly a good day to be a rum drunken skateboarder.


(kids, this kind of skating is not ever recommended for anyone, remember, I am a professional, don't try this at home)

Take care,


The NaKeD InDiaN

Saturday, February 05, 2011

St FraNcis Pain CaVe WaGoN TraIL COnNector

Ever since the Failed TransFlorida Kai and I had, I have been constantly considering how to make him strong enough for that type of effort.

He already commutes 5 days of the week logging a minimum of 4 miles a day, 20 a week. LOL, its not a lot but he's 11.

Not long after the Failed XFL, we went riding and he had his strongest ride ever. Proves my theory of what does not kill you makes you a better rider.

So one day I daydreamed of Taking Edward and Kailan to the Ghost town of St Francis then across the pain cave connector to Alexander springs.

I had no idea what the mileage would be. The only part of the route I needed was the Old wagon trail route, the rest I knew.

And off we set, making our way along the Undulating De Leon Bike Path. I would drop them, stop, take pictures, then chase them down, the drop them. It seemed like they were having a good time as they pedaled and chatted.

We arrived at the first designated rest and resupply spot. We had some quick snacks, I stuffed my frame bag full of food for all of us.

I made an agreement early with my fellow riders.

"I will be your pack mule", I told them....

"but I am not bringing a tow rope",.....

They agreed.

The Path to the Ghost Town of St Francis is fun with a capital F. Sick long board walks, twisty rooty trail. We even found an Artesian well, which I am willing to bet is safe for drinking.

We made it to the Ghost Town and relaxed, and looked at the river, and ate food, and rested a bit.

I knew after that, the real ride was going to begin. The wagon trail is an arduous challenge for any rider, let alone a 14 yr old and an 11 yr old.

But it was actually in amazing shape.

The wagon trail is hardly flat.

The constant long ups and downs, and Sand, kept splitting up the group. Many breaks were had. Both boys started suffering.

But they stuck to their agreement and persevered. I was very Proud of LiL'R NI as he really found his HTFU and started working out the terrain and the effort with all out body standing single speed mashing.

At one point we were waiting a bit of the Road side for Edward.

We can see in the distance that he keeps pausing. And bending over, then he rides some more and he repeats.

Well when he finally catches up to us, he shows us how his pedal had stripped out the crank arm and fell off. He had been kind of rigging it to make it to us.

Well I attempted to zip tie it and broke the ties.

I attempted to find a stick to shove in the hole so he could pedal. Afterall the last 6 miles were on forest road and with a good strong stick the perfect length and perfect diameter it would have been completely doable.

BUT No. Nothing worked.

So I went into Bear Grylls mode and started looking around the woods to see if I could find some old rope or something to tow him with. There was only one way to go and that was forward.

Eventually I took my swiss army knife out. Cut one of my tubes, and fashioned a tow rope. Edward is alot bigger than Kailan, and this was one tough work out. BUT, I got our speed up and not only were we rolling but we were rolling fast.

Kailan was hurting, but being humble and not being shy to ask for us to rest a minute. I was so proud that he finished a very hard ride in the forest under his own power.
At Alexander Springs, I took a nap with my cold weather gear on as the onslaught of night brought about a significant chill.

Before Long Extraction arrive and off we went to eat and celebrate the Pain Cave exploration they endured on this day.

Truly a great lesson was learned by all.

Take Care,


The NaKeD InDiaN