Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Journey of GuaJaTaKa: Day 4, PaIsLeY to MeLBouRnE

Traveling by bike gives you the chance to appreciate the little things.

That whole day before seemed like a week long journey....  And as I packed up my camp I marveled at how far I traveled in one day.

I could hear voices off in the distance.  I came out of my tent and could see several SUV's on the side of the road, folks standing around chatting.

I moved a little quicker. Packing up my things a hair faster.  Not being entirely sure who was off in the distance. I eventually found out it was a Florida Trail work crew. Interesting.

I got on my bike and pedaled out of the woods.  I had wings again today.  Motivated to meet up with Edith. Seeing a familiar face during such a long trip is one of those little things that you appreciate.

Any soreness I had from the previous days efforts had gone away.  I had a little cheek chapping happening, so for the first time during the trip, I decided to apply some DZ and to wear padded shorts.

Maggie Jones rolled fast.  Nothing Stops GuaJaTaKa.  It seemed like a blink and I was at our meeting spot, the Cozee Cafe in Heathrow.

I ate like a KING.  Straight up HOGGED out, eating FULL ON bikepacker style, doubles of everything, lots of espresso, lots of laughs and conversations.

I look HORRIBLE IN THIS PICTURE>  Edith on the other hand a beauty... beauty and the beast???
I feel for Edith.  I feel for any woman that dares to be in a relationship with me.  The fact is, I am a FURNACE of passion about what I DO.  Constantly stepping it up.  Once I succeed at something, the next challenge gets bigger.  I DON'T want to sit still,  I always want to be on the move.  So consequently I feel bad for the one who has to deal with it.  There are many positives to being by my side, and many many downsides as well.  I reckon it would be a lot easier if she just came along ;-).

We spent about an hour and half together and I left.  The route thru Lake Mary, Winter Springs and Oviedo was via the Cross Seminole trail and soldiers creek.  Part bike path, part singletrack.  I took a Detour to the Shop to say hi to my co workers and to get more Chamois Lube.  I had picked up just a little chapping and I was doing my best to stop it, but noticed I barely had any lube left.

It was fun to say hi to my co workers.  It was fun to think that just a few days before I was in Georgia and I just pedaled ALL THE WAY TO WORK.

I kept my visit brief cause I had made plans to meet Edith in Melbourne to stay at a Hotel and then Meet up with Charlie Kemp the next morning, my riding buddy for the rest of the trip.
Urban singletrack through Oviedo

I left the shop, got back on route, rolled fast through the path, then followed the route into the Little Econ Forest.  When I got to the edge of the forest I got a message from my boss at work telling me I forgot my wallet.  I was already far from the store and I was pretty upset that I was going to have to backtrack especially since I was on a tight schedule.  On my way through town my Friend Craig had asked me if I needed anything to call him, so I did. I called him up and asked him if he could swing by the store, get my wallet and drop it to me.  Since I had just started the forest portion it was a short back track to get back to pavement and a good spot to wait.  Overall I lost about an hour because of that fiasco, then navigated the tight bridges and slight flooding before reaching the banks of the Econolokahatchee which was elevated, scenic and twisty singletrack goodness.
More hidden track

I got across the Trestle Bridge onto the other side and came across a few folks.  One guy was walking.  I stopped and asked him if he wanted me to tow him out?  He declined said he didn't have to walk much further, (I'm pretty sure he was wrong he still had at least two miles to go).

Every single body of water is Swollen in Florida.  
Came across another group of cyclist and gave them directions to the road, one guy looked like he was ready to pass out.

Flagler trail heading towards Chuluota. If you look careful you can see the walking rider
Made the pavement and then weaved my way through Geneva and then Taintsville and Chuluota eventually making my way to SR 50 and detouring off route to Melbourne.  The seven mile road ride to Melbourne seemed endless... Dark... Dank..... Not enjoyable, and I worked my tail off to help finish it faster.

ModeL T?
Edith was supposed to meet me at 8pm, and I beat her there and we managed to get the People at the hotel to let me in and I showered up and kicked up my feet feeling pretty satisfied that another day was done.  Excited as well that I was going to get a chance to have a riding buddy for the rest of the trip and to finally be leaving the chilly weather.


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